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With over 25 years of experience, VANTIA specializes in premium hardwood flooring and interior finishes, offering top-quality, eco-friendly, one-of-a-kind materials. Our Frisco team assists design pros and homeowners alike in the selection, project management, installation, and finishing services for residential and commercial endeavors.


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Transform your home with our exquisite range of flooring options, from luxurious hardwood to durable laminate and everything in between. We offer a wide selection to suit every taste and budget, ensuring you find the perfect flooring solution for your space. Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home with high quality flooring that withstands the rigors of daily life. Step into a world of endless possibilities and discover the perfect flooring to elevate your home today.


Step into your project with the enduring allure and personal touch of wood stairs, blending functionality with distinctive style. Our handpicked selection of premium wood stair materials invites you to explore a spectrum of textures and finishes, each resonating with its unique character. With a dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail, we ensure that each step not only reflects your vision but also stands the test of time. Together, we’ll craft a staircase that embodies your individuality and enhances the heart of your project. Let’s create a space where every step tells a story, where beauty meets functionality in perfect harmony.

Walls & Ceilings

Infuse your project with the inviting warmth and natural allure of wood walls and ceilings, creating a space that resonates with your unique style and personality. Our wide array of wood options invites you to explore textures and tones that speak to your individual preferences, whether you’re drawn to the rustic charm of reclaimed barnwood or the timeless elegance of oak. Let us guide you through the process, sharing our passion for craftsmanship and attention to detail as we help bring your vision to life.


VANTIA offers a curated collection of wood exterior siding and decking options. We can help marry the design and durability to enhance the beauty and longevity of your project. Explore the rich textures and timeless appeal of premium wood materials– including barnwood and thermally modified wood products. Each can bring unique character, sustainability, and lasting qualities to help harmonize with your home’s architecture. Embrace the natural authenticity of wood exterior products.

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