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Designing your staircase to match your vision and functional needs offers countless possibilities. Given the diverse capabilities and individual design preferences, describing staircases in words can be challenging. At VANTIA, our team of experts is dedicated to helping you discover the ideal staircase for your project. Crafting exceptional wooden staircases is something we take great pride in.

Like our flooring, VANTIA’s stair systems are crafted to professional standards, guaranteeing top-quality, seamless transitions, and personalized designs to enhance your living space.

The extensive selection of wood types, grades, and surface finishes in our flooring collection is also available for any custom staircase, ensuring a cohesive look throughout your home. 

Whether you need a standard staircase, straight or spiral stairs, block treads, or those enhanced with striking LED lighting, VANTIA offers the perfect solution for every taste and style preference. With a broad selection of wood types, colors, and finishes, you can mix and match to create nearly limitless wood and color combinations that reflect your unique interior style.

Types of Stairs

Closed (Wall to Wall)

Closed riser stairs feature a solid vertical board, known as a riser, between each step, which closes the gap that would otherwise be visible. This stair design can be found in both residential and commercial settings due to its clean, continuous appearance and added safety. Closed riser stairs offer a classic aesthetic that fits seamlessly into various interior styles, from modern to traditional, and can be finished with a range of materials to complement the surrounding décor.

One or Both Sides Open (Closed Riser)

Stairs with one or both sides open feature a design where the treads are visible and unobstructed on one or both sides, with the other typically attached to a wall. Some staircases like the one shown here are a combination of both. The one thing to keep in mind is that they always have a closed riser. If you are looking for something more open, you may prefer a block tread, which we will talk about next.

This architectural choice adds a contemporary and airy feel to any space, allowing light to flow freely between levels and enhancing the area’s openness. 

Such staircases are popular in modern homes and commercial spaces where a sense of openness and visual connection between floors is desired. Additionally, they can serve as a striking design element, showcasing materials like wood, metal, or glass and contributing to a sleek, minimalist aesthetic.

Block Stair Treads
(Open Riser)

Block stair treads have many stringer options and are the most open tread style. This is an excellent option if you’re looking for a visually striking choice for a residential or commercial staircase. The substantial size and clean lines of block treads make them a favorite in contemporary design schemes, where they contribute to a bold architectural look. Their design’s simplicity allows the material’s natural beauty to stand out. Block treads not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of a space but also ensure a long-lasting, sturdy staircase solution.

(No Nose)

Waterfall stairs are elegant architectural features known for their seamless, flowing aesthetic that mimics the cascading motion of water. In this design, the stairs create a continuous line that smoothly transitions from one step to the next without visible breaks. This style is particularly popular in modern interiors, where the goal is to achieve a sleek, minimalist look. The fluidity of waterfall stairs enhances the visual space and adds a sculptural element to the environment, making them functional components of a building and significant design statements.

Standard Bullnose

Standard bullnose stairs feature an attractive design where the stair tread extends slightly over the riser and continues to meet the next step. The bullnose step is aesthetically pleasing, provides a broader footing area, and can minimize the risk of slips and falls. Standard bullnose staircases can be seen in both contemporary and traditional designs.


VANTIA has covered all of your hardwood landing needs. Whether built on-site with flooring and nosing or custom-made for your project, every detail matters. Our team of experts can guide you through the options available to suit the architectural plans or measurements done at the job site. Our custom landings provide a seamless transition and stable platform between flights of stairs, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics within a space.

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