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Our highly skilled Frisco team assists design pros and homeowners alike in the selection, project management, installation, and finishing services for residential and commercial endeavors. We offer full-service installation as well as flooring maintenance to help keep your investment looking beautiful year after year.

Flooring Supply

​Find your next hardwood, reclaimed, or wood alternative flooring.

Full-Service Installation

We offer installation services for all types of flooring including:

  • Pre Finished Hardwood Flooring
  • Custom Site Finished Hardwood Floors
  • Glue and Nail Hardwood Floors
  • Full-Trowel Glue Down Hardwood Floors
  • Floating Installation Floors

Wood Flooring Maintenance

​One of the perks of wood flooring is that the wood can be resurfaced several times before it has to be fully replaced. Keep your floors looking like new with maintenance by VANTIA. Here is a list of services VANTIA can provide.

  • Hardwood Refinishing
  • Hardwood Recoating
  • Hardwood Resurfacing
  • Hardwood Floor Repairs
  • Hardwood Cleaning & Re-Oiling
  • Hardwood Custom Staining

Hardwood Flooring FAQs

How can I bring my dull hardwood floors back to life?

In most cases, a dull hardwood floor can look new again with the right team of experts and the correct use of products. We have over 25 years of experience and have seen just about every floor out there. We know what to use and what to avoid, ensuring we keep your floors looking great! 

Typically a dull hardwood floor can be buffed and recoated with a durable finish and will extend the life of your flooring. If your floors are damaged, worn, and have heavy scratches it may require a full refinish. You can see below the difference between a recoat and a refinish.

What is the difference between Recoating vs. Refinishing?

Recoating: Recoating rejuvenates a wood floor without sanding. The existing surface is cleaned and lightly screened before a new coat of finish is applied, restoring the sheen and addressing minor discolorations and scuffs. This process extends the lifespan of the floor’s finish, preventing the need for more costly refinishing. It’s a highly cost-effective solution, and it is recommended to recoat every 3-5 years for mildly scratched or dull floors, preserving both time and money while maintaining the floor’s original character.

Refinishing: Refinishing a wood floor involves a thorough process where the old finish is wholly sanded away, revealing a fresh layer of wood. This helps to remove deeper scratches, stains, and other damages, as well as any unique hand scraping or distressed features. Following sanding, multiple coats of finish are applied. While this revitalization is more expensive than regular maintenance, it’s a worthwhile investment for those seeking a complete restoration of their wood floors.

What if I have existing flooring and would like to add flooring to other areas of my home?

Our team of experts can give you a free consultation. In most cases, we can get the same flooring, or match with something close. VANTIA has a large assortment of stocked flooring options and a wide network of mills to source from.

How many times can my hardwood floor be refinished?

There is no exact answer to this question. There are a lot of variables to determine your best solution. Most solid or high-quality engineered hardwood floors can be refinished 2 or 3 times.

Can VANTIA help me with my railings or other wood trim?

VANTIA solely works in flooring, we do not fix or repair other wood areas in your home. We can assist with baseboards and vents, but VANTIA does not replace or repair railing balusters, or other hardwood casework in your home.

What are VANTIA’s service areas?

VANTIA provides full-service supply, demolition, and installation throughout the greater Rocky Mountain Region. We can supply hardwood material nationwide and allow you to manage the installation portion of your project.

You can find our hardwood products in homes throughout Colorado and nationwide, including Vail, Beaver Creek, Denver, Boulder, Castle Pines, Cherry Hills, Aspen, Telluride, Breckenridge, Keystone, Frisco, and Silverthorne.

What type of installation will be used for my project?

The most common method for installing hardwood flooring is nailing or stapling, this works on both solid and engineered wood floors. However, with the popularity of in-floor heat, we also utilize the full trowel glue-down method which is recommended by the NWAF (National Wood Flooring Association). Our team will determine the best installation method for the project and flooring selection.

Installation methods include:

A permanent installation that uses glue to adhere the wood to the subfloor. This method is often used for engineered wood floors.

Nail or Staple Down
Staples or nails are used to attach the floor to the subfloor or sleeper, if applicable.

Floated Installation
A quick and easy method where the boards float above the subfloor without being attached to it. This requires an underlayment or backer on your material.

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