Reclaimed Flooring

Sustainable, Distinctive, Durable

The massive oak trees that once filled early American forests were strong, durable, and abundant, making them the preferred choice for building barns and granaries. These mighty oaks are as iconic to America as the barns themselves. Reclaimed flooring is carefully crafted from old barns and other historic wooden structures, including joists, rafters, boards, siding, and floorboards. This flooring retains much of the wood’s original rustic texture while showcasing the underlying timber’s natural beauty. Reclaimed hardwood flooring is not perfect in appearance; it often has knots and holes that add character and tell a story of its past life. 

Recently, reclaimed hardwood has become more popular as people look for environmentally friendly ways to decorate their homes. Using reclaimed wood is a stylish way to reduce waste and show a commitment to conservation. It’s already stood the test of time from its origin and will be a durable and beautiful flooring option for another lifetime.

Reclaimed Oak Hit-Skip

Reclaimed oak flooring, including white and red oak, features a blend of distressed surfaces and smoother, newly revealed areas. It displays original nail holes, sound cracks, checking, wormholes, and saw marks, and it can have variations in thickness, all contributing to its authentic, old-world charm. This flooring offers a range of rustic colors, diverse grain patterns, and a tight knot structure, making each piece uniquely beautiful. VANTIA provides a wide range of widths and solid and engineered construction options. This is your classic reclaimed hardwood look and feel available.

Mixed Species Reclaimed Hit-Skip

Our mixed species reclaimed flooring includes band and circular saw marks combined with a wide variety of species, grain patterns, and shades ranging from light to dark. Like all reclaimed hardwood flooring, it prominently displays sound knots, cracks, saw cuts, nail holes, and variations in wood thickness, contributing to its authentic, old-world charm.

Fumed Oak Hit-Skip

One of our most popular floors, this is the only non-reclaimed floor in the category that gives you every bit of interest and character of a traditional reclaimed floor. VANTIA’S fumed oak is live-sawn from fully matured, old-growth trees. Its rich brown hues and liveliness come from the fuming process interacting with the natural tannins and sugars of the wood. The subtle texture of hit-skip saw marks brings dimension and interest to your space. This floor is available in comprehensive plank formats as well as random widths.

Reclaimed Flooring Floors FAQs

Where does reclaimed flooring come from?
Reclaimed flooring is crafted from century-old barns and industrial buildings, featuring distinctive character marks from decades of use. It offers a rich blend of saw marks, natural checking, and various colors and textures that make it stand out. It is ideal for anyone seeking a floor, wall, or ceiling with unique character.
Can you get engineered reclaimed flooring?

Yes, VANTIA offers both solid and engineered reclaimed flooring options. As you can see in the photo below, the engineered plank has the same wear layer as a solid floor. This helps give the floor dimensional stability without compromising its life.

Can you get wide plank reclaimed flooring?
Yes, we have options as wide as 10 inches and as long as 12 feet.
What finishes are available for reclaimed flooring?
Both polyurethane and natural oil finishes are available for our reclaimed flooring.
Is reclaimed flooring durable?
Reclaimed wood flooring is as durable as it is stunning. Carefully selected and meticulously processed, reclaimed wood is denser and more warp-resistant.
What is reclaimed flooring made from?
Reclaimed wood flooring comes from old buildings, barns, factories, warehouses, and other structures.
Why choose reclaimed?
It’s eco-friendly because no new trees are cut down to make it. Its aged look and unique character create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Plus, it’s a wise investment as it’s highly valued and sought after!
Is reclaimed flooring approved for in-floor heating systems?
Yes. We have engineered platforms that perform well over in-floor heat.
Should I expect high plank variation when choosing a reclaimed floor?
Yes. Each plank bears the scars and patina earned over time, infusing every room with a sense of history and allure. The diverse range of reclaimed wood species and finishes ensures no two planks are the same, adding to its sought-after design personality.

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