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The Peak Collection

The Peak Collection by VANTIA is inspired by the breathtaking mountains of Colorado. These curated colors offer a layered palette blending earth tones that exude the natural patina of the wood through a smoking and steaming process. Its rustic grade artfully enhances knots and cracks within each hardwood plank, creating a captivating visual appeal.

Made in Austria, the stunning Peak Collection of engineered hardwood flooring is available for nationwide shipping. With all three colors readily stocked in Colorado, we bring quality and accessibility to your doorstep. This collection showcases timeless hues on European wide plank oak, offering versatile and durable flooring options. The color range of the oak flooring is achieved through a meticulous steaming or smoking technique, resulting in rich, warm brown tones from steaming and deep, dark shades from smoking. This technique imbues the wood with the desired color through the entire wear layer, making it a great flooring option for busy homes with pets and kids. The wire-brushed texture and micro-bevel define the plank and showcase the wood’s natural grain. All planks are 7.2 feet long, and this engineered hardwood has the same wear layer as a solid wood floor with dimensional stability for a wide plank application.

+ MADE IN AUSTRIA – Family Owned for over 100 Years
+ 3 Ply Engineered Construction with NOVOLOC® 5G
+ European Smoked or Steamed Oak
+ Wire Brushed & Micro-bevel
+ Approved for In-Floor Heat
+ 2200 x 182 x 14 mm (7.17” Width)
+ All Planks are 7.2 Feet Long
+ 4mm Wear Layer
+ LEED & GREEN-GUARD Gold Certified
+ PUROTEC Finish – Ultra Matte
+ Pet Friendly
+ Stocked Nosing to Match

PUROTEC offers a natural matte UV-lacquered surface devoid of matting agents. It creates the visual allure of untreated wood while enhancing the resistance and minimizing color alterations of your flooring. This flooring is commercial-rated, extremely durable, and easy to care for.

This 3-layer solid engineered wood flooring is designed for both glue-down and floating installations. It features an easy-care finish, making it ideal for both commercial and residential hardwood flooring applications.

Peak Collection Care InstructionsDownload PDF




Peak Collection FAQs

Where is this product made?
The Peak Collection is 100% Made in Austria by a 100-year-old family-owned company rooted in a rich tradition in Austria’s lush, forested region.
What are the benefits of steamed or smoked flooring?
The color goes through the entire wear layer, which helps hide scratches and makes it durable for lively households.
Is this material approved for in-floor heat?
Yes, it does great in all climates, arid climates, and over in-floor heat.
Is this floor suitable for households with pets?
Absolutely. VANTIA upholds its reputation for reliability and boasts remarkable durability. It can handle heavy use and is perfect for homes with lively children and pets.
How easy is cleaning and care?

The Peak Collection is low maintenance and easy to care for.
Regular hardwood maintenance involves brushless vacuuming or using a soft broom, along with mopping with Bona® Mop Systems and cleaning products. When properly maintained, this engineered hardwood flooring can be a lifelong investment, bringing you joy for decades. Its durable, high-quality wood wear layer allows for easy maintenance, cleaning, or renovation even after years of heavy use or soiling.

Care Instructions: Download PDF

What are the approved installation methods?
Three-layer solid engineered wood flooring designed for either glue-down or floating installation.
Is it possible to install hardwood flooring in any room?
This flooring suits residential and commercial spaces, including those at or below grade and on slab concrete.
What is GREENGUARD Gold certification?
GREENGUARD Gold Certified signifies that products are engineered to promote safer, healthier air quality. These certified products are designed to emit low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), enhancing indoor air quality for you and your family. Rigorous screening ensures that certified products meet stringent standards, addressing over 15,000 VOCs known to degrade indoor air quality.
Is this product LEED-certified?
Yes, VANTIA wood flooring is LEED-certified, ensuring it aligns with stringent environmental and health criteria established by the U.S. Green Building Council. This certification underscores Scheucher’s commitment to sustainability, indicating that their flooring is crafted using eco-friendly materials and practices. Moreover, it assures customers that VANTIA flooring supports healthier indoor environments by emitting minimal pollutants, thus improving indoor air quality.
What is the warranty?

We provide a 30-year functional guarantee for private-sector use and a 5-year guarantee for public-sector applications. For detailed terms and conditions, please refer to their guarantee policy.

Scheucher Warranty: Download PDF

Are there matching stair parts or nosing for the Peak Collection by VANTIA?

Are there matching stair parts or nosing for the Peak Collection by VANTIA?
Yes, we stock all colors of beautiful square-profile stair noses. Additionally, we can fabricate custom stair parts, including block treads, one- or two-side open treads, and other components tailored to your project’s specifications.

Nosing profile details:

  • Each stick is 86.61 inches long
  • Meets most stair code requirements
  • Square profile – great for all designs
  • Waterfall nosing is available by special order

Here’s our stair coat specifications sheet: Download PDF

For stair inspiration, visit our Stair page.

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