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From a century-old, sustainable Austrian mill, mafi is a premium European flooring choice that embodies luxury, craftsmanship, and sustainability. With its unwavering commitment to quality, mafi has established itself as a leading brand in the flooring industry, offering exquisite wooden flooring options that transform any space into a haven of elegance.

mafi’s origin and production conditions offer valuable insights into its quality. The company exclusively manufactures its products in Austria, tailoring each order to individual customer specifications. Their innovative production system ensures maximum flexibility without compromising on speed, with a significant portion of products completed within just four days. Transparent about their operations, mafi’s headquarters nestles in the scenic countryside at the base of the Kobernausser Forest in Schneegattern, where they produce their diverse portfolio of natural wood floors. Adjacent to their headquarters lies their primary production facility, while a secondary facility, located just 12km away, handles wood drying, sorting, and slat preparation. By managing all processes in-house, from wood delivery to the final engineered wood floor, mafi maintains stringent quality control standards and continually strives for enhancement. They source their wood from sustainably managed forests in Central Europe, further underscoring their commitment to environmental responsibility.
For many reasons, mafi is a superior company and a safe choice for new flooring, ceiling, or wall supplies. mafi wood planks consistently feature a symmetrical three-layer construction, making them one of the world’s most durable and stable platforms with a three-layer parquet design. Their materials are healthy and come from a sustainable source, with quality that outshines many competitors.

Unlike numerous synthetic flooring materials that may emit harmful chemicals, mafi presents a natural and health-conscious option for indoor spaces. The natural oils and finishes employed by mafi enable the wood to breathe, curbing moisture accumulation and thwarting the proliferation of mold and bacteria. This not only promotes a healthier indoor environment but also fosters a delightful and refreshing atmosphere.

Select Grade: Clean grading with possible knot points, mild color variation
Natur Grade: Subtle combination of color variations and small, visible knots
Knotty Grade: Natural look and feel with visible knots and color variation
Country/Rusitkal/Coupal/Effect: Lively in color variation and larger knot holes


Coral Oak – White Oil

Swiss Stone Pine – Natural Oil

Oak Country Carving Check – White Oil

Beech Vulcano Fresno Rombo – Nautal Oil

Oak Vulcano Parquet Panels – Natural Oil

Uni Ash Vulcano Fresco Sabbia – Natural Oil


Oak Parquet Panels – White Oil

Oak Vulcano Herringbone – Nautal Oil

Oak Clear Carving Chevron – Grey Oil

Oak Clear Chevron – White Oil


Oak Clear – White Oil

Oak Character – Natural Oil

Oak Country Vulcano – Natural Oil

Coral Oak Black – Natural Oil

Uni Ash – Deep Natured White Oil

Cor Ash – Graphite Grey Oil

Douglas Fir – White Oil

Swiss Stone Pine  – White Oil

mafi Floors Q&A:

Where are mafi products made?
  • Production exclusively in Schneegattern, Austria
  • Two factories situated within a 12-kilometer radius
  • Third-generation family-owned business
Why choose mafi?
Symmetrical, 3-layer plank design

Natural oiled surfaces penetrate the wood, imparting essential strength and resilience from within. Repairs are simple without having to work on the entire surface.

The exchange of moisture creates a positive room climate.

Sustainably manufactured

What makes their construction so unique?
  • Symmetrical, 3-layer design
  • High dimensional stability
  • Minimal to no seasonal gapping
  • Ideal for in-floor heating
  • Broad range of applications
  • Exceptional resource usage
  • Dimensions up to 12 inches wide and 16 feet long
Is mafi approved for in-floor heating systems?
  • Yes, mafi’s 3-layer plank design makes them impervious to warping or cupping.
  • Performs well in all climates
How does mafi promote well-living?
  • By nurturing a profound sense of stewardship and responsibility toward the planet and its diverse inhabitants and ensuring proper manufacturing techniques
  • Their breathable planks exclude harmful substances & prevent their release into the room, upholding the principle of providing ecological & health-conscious materials.
  • The elements in mafi wood foster a calming and stress-reducing effect.
Does mafi contain any toxic ingredients? What certifications do they have?
  • No, all mafi materials are made of wood, white glue, and natural oil (derived from plant-based sources)
  • Entirely formaldehyde-free, solvent-free, and zero VOCs
  • Adhere to E1 emission class standard
  • In February 2018, mafi was accepted by the “International Living Future Institute.” This recognition ensures that mafi natural wood floors are fully biodegradable, recyclable, and free from harmful substances.
  • The “red list free” label signifies complete transparency of mafi products and applies to the entire range of wood types the brand offers.
  • LPC Certified (Living Product Challenge)
Can mafi be used in residential and commercial spaces?
Yes! Flooring, wall, and ceiling applications.
mafi is also so dimensionally stable it’s been used on custom yachts.

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