Scheucher Elevation COllection

Scheucher Elevation

The Elevation flooring collection by Scheucher introduces stunning new, unparalleled colors. Through meticulous attention to detail, the newly crafted colors and surfaces are inspired by select islands around the world, enhancing the diverse beauty of natural oak wood, whether smoked or steamed. 

BRAC Oak: The island’s stunning white limestone walls and quarries filled with precious cuboids inspired our almond white parquet, Brac. This color is also inspired by the famous Brac marble, which has been used in notable buildings and monuments worldwide for centuries and adds timeless elegance to our flooring design.

CHIOS Oak: The north of Chios is rugged and rocky, while the south features lush green valleys and pine forests and the coasts boast nearly deserted gravel and sandy beaches. Chios encapsulates all the diverse landscapes found throughout Greece.

EVIA Oak Steamed: The cozy blend of brown and grey hues sparks the imagination of grounded individuals, beckoning them to enjoy quaint pebble beaches infused with Greek charm.

ELBA Oak: Evoking the essence of wild honey and Mediterranean herbs, the Elba flooring brings to life the aromatic ambiance of a bustling marina and the cozy warmth of local tavernas.

FORMENTERA Oak Smoked: Formentera mirrors the whimsical dance of smoke swirling in the breeze, intertwining silhouettes of tree roots in misty woodlands with enchanting lines. Its simplicity merges with a dreamy coastline reminiscent of red wine, with gentle hints of cocoa.

GOZO Oak Steamed: Walk down authentic alleys, dine with the locals, and explore hidden, rocky coves. Experience the scenic cliffs of Gozo, which mirror the dynamic patterns in select oak woods.

HAWAII Oak: The contrast of stark volcanic terrain and ebony shores interweaves with lush subtropical jungles across Hawaii. Exotic and richly varied, Hawaii infuses your ideal home with a vibrant zest for life.

IBIZA Oak: Whether it’s the elegant simplicity of a quiet bay or the vibrant energy of a party scene, the Ibiza flooring range offers versatility and style, perfectly complementing any living room

ISCHIA Oak: An authentic delicacy, Ischia is subtle yet welcoming simultaneously. The gentle grey-brown hue soothes your eyes, providing relaxation after a thrilling day on the island.

JAVA Oak: Its rustic appearance and brushed surface evoke a wide range of natural elements. It almost feels like you can smell coffee and tobacco’s aromas.

KREAT Oak Steamed: The dark brown and rich chestnut shades of the wood in Kreta evoke sunburnt soil and ancient beams, embodying centuries of enduring hospitality.

LANZAROTE Oak Smoked: Inspired by the mystical island known as the “island of fire,” the Lanzarote parquet flooring mirrors the dramatic black lava, ash fields, and rugged craters of its namesake. This unique flooring option brings your space an extraordinary aesthetic reminiscent of Lanzarote’s volcanic beauty.

MENROCA Oak: Imagine the charm of white sandy beaches, quaint old towns, and stunning coastal views right at your feet. Our Menorca flooring adds a touch of this Caribbean-esque beauty to your home, blending perfectly with any setting.

MILOS Oak Steamed: Enjoy the natural grains and vibrant colors that originate from volcanic activity, characterized by unusual rock formations, colorful lava rocks, white pumice, and expansive sandy coves.

MOOREA Oak: Moorea emanates the allure of idyllic vacation shores and embodies the serene beauty of remarkable underwater fauna within each room.

OTAVA Oak: Designed for those who appreciate subtle elegance and airy spaces, the Otava range captures the essence of Finnish landscapes, from coastal fog to snowy winters, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.

RUGEN Oak: Like its namesake island’s majestic cliffs and tranquil beaches, Rügen combines strength with delicate beauty, encapsulating the essence of natural and untouched landscapes on high-quality oak flooring.

SAMOA Oak: The Samoa oak parquet flooring, with its soft marble gray shade, transports us to a world far removed from our everyday routine.

SYLT Oak: Inspired by the dynamic and wind-swept landscapes of Sylt, this flooring option captures the essence of the harsh yet beautiful northern coasts, providing a durable and beautiful foundation for any interior.

UFNEAU Oak: Reflecting a rich history through its varied surface, the Ufenau flooring combines a refined grace with rustic warmth, making it perfect for creating a cozy and inviting home environment.

Scheucher Floors Q&A:

What makes the Elevation Collection different from the other flooring collections?

The Elevation Collection is what we at VANTIA would describe as our designer flooring series. Each color offers unique hues and textures. Many of the tones have layers of color to achieve more depth and beauty. Some colors combine smoking or steaming with a custom oil finish.

Why are all of the flooring colors named after islands?

Scheucher’s Elevation series draws inspiration from the captivating beauty of islands around the world. Each color and finish reflects the unique environments of these serene destinations. From the deep blues and sandy beiges that evoke the calmness of island shores to lush greens that mirror the dense foliage of tropical jungles, the palette brings a piece of these exotic locales into your home. The subtle wood textures are carefully crafted to enhance the natural look, offering durability and elegance. This collection transforms your space visually and creates an atmosphere of tranquil island escape, no matter where you are.

Is the care and maintenance different from the other flooring?

No. Scheucher uses two types of finishes across all flooring lines: natural oil (Seda) and water-based polyurethane (Tenseo or Purotec). Both finishes are rated for residential and commercial use.

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