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Scheucher Oak Flooring Line

Oak is one of the most ancient and enduring solid woods globally, with oak trees boasting lifespans of up to 1000 years. Over centuries, its remarkable robustness and resilience make it impervious to external forces, including harsh weather conditions. This same steadfastness extends to its application indoors, exemplified by oak flooring. Despite daily wear and tear, fluctuations in humidity and temperature, and occasional mishaps, oak flooring consistently stands the test of time within your home.

Attributes, advantages, and diverse uses of oak parquet flooring.
Oak presents abundant processing options, making it one of Scheucher’s most versatile wood selections. It offers a broad spectrum of applications to craft diverse atmospheres in your living space or establishment. With its exceptional durability, oak remains a reliable choice, enduring heavy loads, active children, pets, and the demands of the hospitality industry. Scheucher’s engineered oak flooring proves its compatibility with underfloor heating systems due to its minimal swelling and shrinking tendencies, characteristic of this sturdy wood type.

Standard Oak Collection

Oak NATURA: Naturally transparent

Oak PERLA: Subtle shade of white overlaying natural oak

Oak BIANCA: Neutral white tones

Oak NEBLA: Soft shades of grey

Oak AKZENT: Warm honey tones

Oak Grading Options

Select Grade: Clean grading with possible knot points, mild color variation.

Natur Grade: A subtle combination of color variations and small, visible knots.

Knotty Grade: Natural look and feel with visible knots and color variation

Country/Rusitkal/Coupal/Effect: Lively in color variation and larger knot holes

Steamed or Smoked Oak Flooring

Scheucher broadens the oak’s palette through steaming or smoking processes and various surface treatments utilizing colored oils and stains. These methods infuse the wood with warm, brown tones through steaming and dark brown hues through smoking. With this natural process, you can expect high plank variation, which shows the beauty of each plank and its chemical reaction to tannins and sugars. This process penetrates the entire wear layer of the wood, making it highly durable, hiding superficial scratches and wear and tear.

Oak smoked NATURA: Rich, dark brown

Oak smoked medium NATURA: Medium, golden brown

Oak steamed NATURA: Subtle, chestnut brown

Ash/Heartwood Ash Flooring

Ash flooring is known for its durability, which is characterized by its strength, resilience, and flexibility. Its robustness and stability are further accentuated by its unique grain pattern. Ash has a hardness akin to oak, making it a suitable option for areas with high foot traffic or bustling activity, where it can withstand the demands. Additionally, Scheucher offers various choices, including grades, colors, and surface finishes, providing options to suit different preferences and design needs.

Ash Natur NATURA: Naturally transparent, clean grade, minimal knots

Ash Heartwood NATURA: Naturally transparent, lively grade with heartwood

Black Walnut Flooring

Black walnut’s color palette spans from medium brown to subtle yellow, olive, and red hints. Black walnut flooring exudes strength with its dark, earthy tones while maintaining remarkable dimensional stability, especially in a wide-plank platform and over in-floor heat.

Black Walnut Natur NATURALE: Cleanest, purest grade, no knots

Black Walnut Country NATURALE: Knots & lively movement

Black Walnut Effect NATURA: Most lively, colorful, with sapwood

Visualize your floor virtually within your living space.

Explore an array of design options with Scheucher’s interactive parquet finder. It showcases everything from spacious oak planks to trendy herringbone patterns, available in both serene and vibrant gradings to accentuate the full beauty of the wood. Discover the versatility of high-quality oak parquet flooring from Scheucher and visualize your desired product seamlessly installed in your home.

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