Scheucher Floor Patterns

From classic herringbone hardwood floors to sophisticated chevron and modern cube patterns, Scheucher offers a wide range of versatile options to elevate the ambiance of your space. The choice of hardwood floor installation patterns can significantly influence your home’s overall aesthetic and atmosphere, making it essential to deliberate thoughtfully. Factors such as room size, flow, and desired visual impact should all be carefully considered when selecting flooring and patterns

At VANTIA, our commitment extends beyond aesthetics to encompass environmental responsibility and quality assurance. Our flooring solutions enhance your space’s beauty and contribute to a healthier room climate. Crafted with precision and utilizing sustainable materials, our products promise durability and long-lasting performance, ensuring a worthwhile investment for your home.

Explore the striking selection below to discover how each pattern can enhance your project’s unique appeal and character. From lasting elegance to contemporary flair, there’s a perfect fit for every style and preference.


Herringbone stands out as one of the most sought-after styles of parquet flooring. The term “herringbone” originates from the pattern’s resemblance to a herring fish’s skeleton. While its origins are often attributed to the Roman Empire’s road construction techniques, it gained popularity in interior design during the Renaissance period. Like the chevron style, herringbone parquet flooring comprises equally sized planks arranged in a zig-zag pattern. However, unlike chevron planks, herringbone planks are rectangular rather than angled. Once cut, these planks are positioned so that each end touches the side of another, limiting movement and ensuring excellent dimensional stability. This versatile formation allows for various patterns, including square, diagonal, and single and multiple plank arrangements.

The expansive dimensions and patterns of herringbone hardwood floors make this flooring patternit versatile and adaptable. It seamlessly harmonizes with various interior design styles. Take a look at the illustrations below for more inspiration!

Chevron Flooring

The chevron flooring pattern has a rich historical lineage, tracing back to its origins in Medieval heraldry and its presence in Ancient Greek pottery and textiles. The term “chevron” made its debut in English during the 14th century, derived from the Vulgar Latin word “caprio,” which denoted “rafters,” highlighting the pattern’s likeness to two roof beams.

Chevron flooring showcases a diagonal wood pattern that imparts a bold striping effect. Crafted in an arrow point design, chevron planks are angled and installed to meet seamlessly at their ends. Among the advantages of the chevron floor pattern is its ability to elongate visual lines and create the illusion of increased spaciousness. This pattern offers flexible installation styles to fit your personal design preferences. The Chevron parquet strips, tapered at the ends, are installed at either a 45° or 60° angle to each other, resulting in a dynamic pattern that amplifies the sense of movement. With a thermal insulation resistance of only 0.078 m² K/W, this chevron parquet flooring stands out for its performance and contributes to energy efficiency, supporting environmental preservation.

This design offers an easy-click system milled with a left and right piece.
Any chevron patterns below are milled with a left and right piece, utilizing the NOVOLOC® 5G interlocking system, providing an easy installation.

See Scheucher’s illustrations below for inspiration.


The ladder style of installing wood flooring is an eye-catching method that adds a unique look to any space. In this style, wood planks are laid out in perpendicular rows, creating a pattern that looks like the steps of a ladder. Each row is offset by half the length of a plank, enhancing the ladder-like appearance. This approach works great in larger rooms where the design can stand out and fits modern and traditional décor. Setting up the floor this way requires careful planning and precise installation to ensure the pattern looks right and remains visually appealing.


Installing flooring or patterns parallel to the walls can elongate the appearance of your room, creating a sense of spaciousness. This straight, parallel installation style offers a modern, simplistic aesthetic that complements contemporary and timeless interior designs. With parallel patterns, each strip is aligned uniformly at the same height, lending a sense of order and subtly enhancing the room’s atmosphere. The clean lines of this approach contribute to its modern appeal, adding a touch of sophistication to any space.


Apart from its appealing look, the cube installation pattern creates balance in rooms. It features squares composed of five equal strips arranged in various orientations—horizontally, vertically, parallel, or diagonally to the room’s edge. The consistent layout of cube flooring doesn’t alter the room’s size but enhances spatial perception instead. This pattern works best in square rooms, with each strip measuring 11 x 140 x 700 mm, arranged in five sets per cube.

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