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Unique, modern, eco-friendly.

Based in Canada, Finium operates across North America and Europe. Over the past two decades, innovative architects and designers have featured Finium’s premium products in thousands of projects. Finium provides residential and commercial solutions distinguished by their unique aesthetic, superior manufacturing quality, and straightforward installation.

Crafted with an artisan’s soul and the manufacturer’s precision, Finium products embody the perfect blend of artistic flair and efficient production. Their innate sense of design transcends mere functionality; they envision our creations’ impact within a space, harnessing light and raw materials to infuse warmth, richness, texture, and depth into every design.

At Finium, the marriage of exceptional concepts and flawless performance drives their ethos. They seamlessly integrate design and manufacturing processes, yielding unique, unparalleled products delivered with remarkable efficiency.

KONSEPT Collection

The Konsept collection redefines creativity’s limits. Embracing classic, vintage, and contemporary styles, it effortlessly complements any interior decor. Its detailed finish reveals fresh lines that are sure to catch your attention. In the Konsept collection, you can choose from incredible designs and species: walnut, birch, and white oak.
This collection offers decorative Finium wall panels, each with a unique, inspiring pattern, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

NOBLE Collection

Crafted from genuine Canadian barnwood dating back centuries, the Noble collection boasts an unparalleled, individualized aesthetic. Finium reinvents barnwood walls through unique patterns like herringbone, end-grain, 3-dimensional blocks, or classic parquet. Every item ingeniously showcases the allure inherent in the weathered beams and panels, each bearing the mark of time’s passage.

Through meticulous utilization and refinement of each structural component, contemporary designs infused with the essence of history emerge, offering a distinctive allure that can be achieved over time.

HARVEST Collection

The Harvest decorative wall collection exudes a rustic allure. Its architectural design showcases a distinctive texture achieved through an irregular sanding technique, ensuring no repetitive patterns. Raw fibers, saw marks, and knots are prominently featured. This collection is available in white oak and walnut.

Consistently oversized planks allow the wood’s intricate details and color variations to shine.

CLASSIK Collection

The Classik collection captures the essence of stacked stone architecture, using the warmth of wood, which brings a warm richness to modern settings. Featuring an array of smooth, straight slats in different sizes, Classik decorative walls enhance depth and texture in your decor.

This collection offers simple elegance in a variety of timeless colors and species. Choose from white oak, maple, red oak, and walnut.

ONATA Collection

The linear and airy structure of Onata strikes a harmonious balance between light and shadow.

Inspired by Scandinavian design, Onata decorative walls seamlessly blend into minimalist urban settings. Crafted from sliced wood veneer on wide boards, the collection exudes elegance with its uniform patterns and textures. The Onata collection comes in two species: oak and walnut.

EVOLUTION Collection

The Evolution collection offers a modern and simplified interpretation of the Classik line. Though more accessible, it maintains its distinct personality. Evolution presents a stackstone-style architectural pattern with broader slats and a subtle 3D effect.

The maple wood used in this collection is available in various fashionable colors, including light and airy tones with delicate nuances. It adds a contemporary touch to any space.

HECOLO Collection

Initially designed to maximize wood utilization, the Hecolo collection’s decorative walls have evolved to become prized for their exceptional aesthetic appeal. Incorporating ten wood species on a single wall produces a distinctive effect, accentuating contrasts and generating intriguing texture and pattern variations.

Hecolo offers a remarkable means to infuse a space with a signature style.

Finium Walls & Ceilings Q&A:

Where is it made?
Finium strictly adheres to Canada’s most rigorous environmental standards. Every one of their products is crafted from North American wood by skilled artisans right on the continent. When you choose Finium wood, you choose peace of mind, knowing that your purchase has minimal environmental impact from transportation and is crafted from sustainable materials in facilities that prioritize human rights and worker safety.
Does FINIUM use sustainable manufacturing processes?
In an era where deforestation and dwindling natural resources are becoming more and more of a problem, Finium recognizes our collective responsibility to safeguard our planet. This is why they partnered with the One Tree Planted Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to global reforestation through financial contributions and volunteer work. Throughout its manufacturing process, Finium strives to maximize the efficient use of wood, a precious natural asset, and it has also gone beyond that by actively participating in reforestation initiatives. Through their collaboration with the Foundation, Finium pledges to make monthly donations and plant a tree for every order shipped, reinforcing their dedication to environmental responsibility.
What is the lead time?
Since it is made in North America, most items are quickly shipped and can be received within 1-2 weeks.
What are the benefits of using reclaimed barnwood?

History: Reclaimed wood often has a history and story behind it, which can give a sense of connection to the past and add a unique character to the structure.

Sustainability: By choosing reclaimed wood, you’re making a more sustainable choice than new wood. Reclaimed wood is sourced from existing structures, eliminating the need for additional logging and reducing environmental impact. This is a choice you can be proud of.

Character: Reclaimed wood has a unique character from its age and history. It often has a rich patina and distinctive markings, such as nail holes, knots, and saw marks, which can add visual interest to a space.

Durability: Reclaimed wood is not just about aesthetics; it’s about longevity. It’s often more durable than new wood because it has been exposed to the elements and has had time to dry and stabilize. This means your investment in reclaimed barnwood is long-term, giving you confidence in your choice.

Strength: Reclaimed wood can be stronger than new wood, especially old-growth wood, which is denser and more rot-resistant than new-growth wood.

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