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Scheucher, a family-run company with a long tradition from Austria, unites the craftsman’s passion for perfection with innovation and a focus on harmony with nature.

As a global manufacturer of high-end, engineered wood flooring, they can be found in prestigious international hotels, luxury suites, loft spaces, stylish restaurants, bars, and corporate environments. Scheucher’s expansive portfolio offers diverse options to suit every architectural vision and design preference, all crafted with the utmost precision and eco-friendly practices.

Scheucher’s innovative parquet lines offer a wide selection of dimensions, hardwood installation patterns, wood types, colors, textures, and finishes optimally tailored to today’s construction processes. Their expert engineers and fabricators can pair the flooring with stair solutions to bring the project to life.
Since its humble beginnings as a sawmill in 1920, Scheucher has evolved into a renowned global pioneer in the parquet flooring sector. Through perseverance and innovation, they have conquered challenges and embraced opportunities with unwavering dedication, paving the way for a bright and prosperous future. Committed to sustainability, Scheucher harnesses the power of solar energy to generate electricity, reducing its environmental footprint and upholding our responsibility to the planet.
Staying true to their Austrian roots, Scheucher remains dedicated to its production facility in Mettersdorf, Styria, where a team of 250 skilled professionals, primarily sourced locally, harness state-of-the-art machinery in one of Europe’s most advanced pre-fabricated parquet wood factories. This meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality at every stage of production ensures that Scheucher-engineered hardwood flooring continues to be synonymous with unparalleled craftsmanship and sophistication.

Select Grade: Clean grading with possible knot points, mild color variation
Natur Grade: Subtle combination of color variations and small, visible knots
Knotty Grade: Natural look and feel with visible knots and color variation
Country/Rusitkal/Coupal/Effect: Lively in color variation and larger knot holes

Scheucher Grades: Download

Seda Finish – Oiled / Waxed Finish – This finish uses natural oils and waxes to uphold century-old traditions. This can help to retain its original luster. These finishes allow the wood to be wood and offer a silky matte look with a natural texture that gives an intensive wood color. The breathable open-pore surface gives a healthier interior climate, helping filter the air. This finish can be renovated and re-oiled with a thorough cleaning without sanding the precious wood wear layer. The factory applies five layers of oil, and it is recommended that a final coat of oil be applied post-installation to seal the seams and add one more layer of protection.

Tenseo – Water-based Polyurethane Finish – Tenseo / Poly finish is a solvent-free UV lacquered surface that is applied using the excimer technology and process. They offer a matte and satin finish. If needed, this finish can be re-sanded 2-3 times since the flooring has a wear layer of 4 mm. The factory applies 7 layers of commercial-grade polyurethane, no additional layers are needed post-installation.

PUROTEC – This is a natural matte UV-lacquered surface without matting agents. Purotec gives you the optical illusion of untreated wood while functionally providing your parquet with even higher resistance and minimized color changes. This is a commercial-rated finish and requires no final coat after installation.

Download the Scheucher Warranty

Scheucher Floors Q&A:

Where are Scheucher products made?
  • In the heavily forested haven of Styria, Austria
  • 100% produced using solar energy
  • Any remaining by-product is pressed into wood briquettes and supplied to nearby villages.
What is the construction of Scheucher flooring?
  • NOVOLOC® 5G system, planks are simply locked together
  • 3-layer solid engineered wood flooring for glue-down or floating installation
  • Made with real wood layers and bonded with PVAc-white glue
Does Scheucher offer different wood gradings?

This mill offers wood grades from clean to rustic and everything in between. Grading can determine the effect of a floor to a large extent and sets the tone of the space. This helps to create a dynamic effect, from calm and elegant to lively rustic – you can decide the character you want to exude in your space.

–  Link to PDF of Grades

What textures does Scheucher offer?

Scheucher’s innovative production offers extraordinary surface structure options. From smooth face to rustic band sawn, they have you covered. Their vast capabilities create a floor that can be made to your specifications. This allows for diverse visible patterns with an incomparable feel, making the parquet floor appear three-dimensional.

Smooth Face / Square Edge

Wire Brushed / Micro-bevel

Band Sawn / Brushed / Micro-bevel

Scraped / Micro-bevel

Images of Textures

What species of engineered hardwood flooring does Scheucher offer?

European White Oak

Black Walnut

Ash / Heartwood Ash

See the range of species here.

What colors does Sheucher offer?

Scheucher offers a wide assortment of color options. They use penetrative staining methods, smoking, and steaming processes to achieve colors. They have something for every style and can also create custom colors.

Their Elevation Collection is a designer series that has beautiful colors and textures to choose from.

Take me to the Elevation Collection.

Does Scheucher offer different laying patterns?

Yes, they offer diverse parquet collections that allow for various installation patterns, including herringbone, chevron flooring, cube, ladder, and more.

See: Scheucher Patterns

Is Scheucher flooring approved for in-floor heat?
Yes, and it is warranted over in-floor heat. It also performs well in both dry and humid climates.
Is Scheucher sustainable and LEED-certified?
  • Yes, and more.
  • Scheucher fulfills the rigorous criteria of the American LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) v4 program.
  • LEED is a globally recognized green building rating system that is widely utilized worldwide.
  • They also actively promote sustainable construction through Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).
  • Their production strictly adheres to materials tested for harmful substances, employing environmentally friendly and resource-efficient methods.
Can Scheucher flooring be used in residential and commercial buildings?
Yes. Scheucher is a globally recognized mill with projects found in both residential and commercial settings.

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